Team Roster

Our Seniors - 2019

Aly Acosta 

Aly took a few gymnastics classes at the YMCA in grade school but

really fell in love with it once she tried out for the LCC gymnastics

team her freshman year. She improved greatly between her freshman

and sophomore years winning the most improved gymnast award as

a sophomore.


Aly has always loved the bars since she first started spinning around

the bar on the playground at Flora Vista Elementary. Her least favorite

event is the beam because who loves balancing on four inches of wood?


Aly is planning to attend Mira Costa Community College. She would like

to pursue a career as a photographer.  She loves fashion design, art and


Sidney Hart

Sidney has been involved with LCC gymnastics for 2 years. She was a dancer

for 6 years, and a competitive cheerleader for 10 years and continues to enjoy

this chapter in her high school career. 


Outside of the gym, Sidney has been a member of the Varsity cheerleading squad

for the past 3 years and a Pop Warner coach for the past two. In her free time,

Sidney enjoys traveling, shopping and spending time with her friends.


In the fall, Sidney plans on attending The University of Alabama where she will major

in Marketing and Minor in French. 


Emlyn Helmbacher

Emlyn started gymnastics when she was just three years old. She

competed in club gymnastics until age eleven, and then joined the

high school team her freshman year. Her favorite event is bars. She

has had four amazing years on the Varsity team, and will be very sad

to leave this family behind.


Emlyn will be studying Psychological and Brain Sciences at

UC Santa Barbara in Fall 2019.


Outside of the gym, she enjoys painting, writing, and going to the beach.

She looks forward to joining her sister Molly on the Club Gymnastics

Team at UCSB - a club which was founded by LCC Gymnastics alumni.

Sophia Imparato

Sophia has been doing gymnastics for about 12 years. She competed

in Club gymnastics before LCC and has been a 4 year Varsity gymnast

at LCC.  Her favorite event is competing floor.


She enjoys the beach and spending time with family and friends.  After

high school, Sophia plans on attending the University of Alabama, roll tide! 


Taylor Machon

There is evidence to suggest Taylor began her gymnastics journey at

only a few months old,executing near-flawless somersaults and a variety

of strange tumbles even before she could walk.  She entered her first

gymnastics program in Snoqualmie, Washington at the age of 4and fell in

love immediately.  When she moved from Snoqualmie to Carlsbad in 2009

at theage of 8, Taylor joined the TRC gym, where she advanced to Level 7

before deciding to no longer compete for her club team following completion

of 10th  grade. Taylor has competed at LCC at the Varsity level all 4 years. 


Taylor loves Yoga and plans on getting her certication.  She loves spending

as much time on the beach as possiblel, taking in the sun and trying to surf.  

Taylor’s also a gymnastics coach at TRC on weekends.  She is still in the

process of selecting her school of choice, but she’s strongly considering

attending SBCC for 2 years then transferring to UCSB. 

Valerie McNaught-Davis Hess

Valerie has been involved with the sport of gymnastics since the age of 4,

competing with the Seawind Club team for nearly a decade, and with the LCC 

Varsity team for four years.  Her favorite event is bars.


In her time outside the gym, she has been involved in competitive soccer and

volunteer work, as well as coaching gymnastics.  She loves movies, Disneyland,

and spending time with friends at the beach.


Acceptnce are in, but Valerie has not yet decided which four year university she

will attend.  Her major depending on where she goes will be Undeclared or Psychology.


Sara Schenk

Sara  has done gymnastics for 14 years. She started with tumbling classes at three years old.

She found her competitive side at age 12 when she started club gymnastics. Her favorite

event is floor because she loves to tumble and dance.


Sara is an accomplished student as well, maintaining above a 4.0 all four years of high school!


She is currently planning to attend a four-year university where she will experiment with her

passions for chemistry and medicine and ultimately work towards a bachelor and Masters



Sara also plays field hockey in the fall and when she isn’t studying or doing sports, she loves

to get sushi with her younger brother and watch sunsets at the beach. 

Sophia Verzella

Sophia has been doing gymnastics since she was walking basically but 

she started competitive gymnastics at TRC at the age of 7 up until her 

sophomore year of high school.  Her favorite event is vault bc it’s the

one event that doesn’t scare her and she'll actually "chuck anything" on.


Sophia plans on attending San Jose Sate university for school next 

year to pursue a career in kinesiology and hopes to become a physical

therapist later down the road. 


Her hobbies include going to the beach, being outside doing things,

and being with her friends and family.


Madi Wilkinson

Madi has been involved in gymnastics for 10 years, starting with San Diego Gymnastics, then Ecke

YMCA where she truly fell in love with gymnastics. Her favorite event is beam, though she claims she

has always been super clumsy and a little afraid of heights so you would never guess that she would

love beam but there’s never been a time where she didn’t want to try something new on beam… her

first year of gymnastics she did a cartwheel on high beam.


As of now she plans on becoming a History Major at Sonoma State, and will most likely also get her

teaching degree and become a teacher, but that may change.


When she is not doing or coaching gymnastics she enjoys painting, drawing and watching Criminal Minds.

Oh and of course spending as many sunny days at the beach as possible! 


Team Manager - 2019

Aly Acosta 

Varsity - 2019 

Kaitlyn Hand

Sidney Hart

Emlyn Helmbacher

Gabi Howze

Sophia Imparato

Lily Jaynes

Taylor Klein

Taylor Machon

Valerie McNaught Davis Hess

Maddy Morton

Ella Nuzzo

Sara Schenk

Brenna Smith

Erica Strohm

Devon Swaney

Sophia Verzella

Lauren Waller

Hannah White

Madi Wilkinson

Junior Varsity - 2019

Camila Cortez

Jasmine Cuevas

Caroline Dunn

Julia Durkin

Kirra Eddington

Campbell Kling

Camille Sanshu

Lauren Savitt

Sydney Williams